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a meeting with the global peace initiative of women

The Human Foundation organized a meeting with the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) on November 15,2011.

Mr. Ali Rafea, the President of the Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research attended the meeting, and gave a speech. Prof. Dr. Aliaa Rafea welcomed the guests and gave a brief talk on the vision and mission of the Foundation and its activities. Ms. Aisha Rafea gave an ideal on her program of human development and its wide implementation.

A group of young people presented their project "NABD" which is sponsored by the Human Foundation. The founder of the Global Peace Initiative of Women addressed the attendants, giving an idea about the organization, and expressed her appreciation of what the various activities of the Human Foundation. Other guests commented; among them was Joan Chittister the Co-Chair of the Initiative.

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  • a workshop on the projects of the human foundation

    A workshop has been held on the human foundation headquarter. the aim was to write down the projects supported by the human foundation. The main lecturers were Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy and Mr. Mostafa el Beltagy.



    The launch of the human foundation

    The Human Foundation has been established in 2011, and registered under # 4011/2011 with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.